Hacienda Los Andes Observatory-


Located in Río Hurtado, Hacienda Los Andes is an outdoor-lodge and private astrotouristic observatory, it is oriented to the astrophotographer who longs for excellent results under the privileged skies of the Limarí Valleys.

Observatory offers four astrophotographic systems, they are composed of high-quality telescopes, Astro – Physics mount, first line CCD camera, and workstation with preconfigured computing, all this is housed in an individual and isolated dome. It also has five platforms for guests who prefer to take their own equipment, one of them with permanent mount adaptable to the visitor’s telescope.


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(+56) 53 2691822 – (+569) 97980572 – (+569) 95171722   / info@haciendalosandes.com / pborja@dvobservatory.cl / www.haciendalosandes.com / www.dvobservatory.cl