Valle del Sol Observatory

Located in the town of Carén-Montepatria, Valle del Sol Tourist Complex offers lodgings services in cabins or camping areas with green areas and swimming pool.
The astronomical tour consists of, approximately, 3 hours of observation where, on average, you can observe 5 objects, as well as deliver expedition services and excursions to sectors with petroglyphs.
contact information
location: Montepatria. 
adress: Only without number, locality of Carén, Montepatria.

(+569) 92436576   |  (+569) 95444565
Facebook: complejoturisticovalledelsol-caren
website: www.valledelsol.cl
Instagram: Complejo Turístico Valle del Sol
business hours: 10:30 pm to 00:00 am.
language: spanish