Turismo Migrantes

Located in Pisco Elqui, Turismo Migrantes offers a service of ASTROEXPERIENCE, astronomical observation through a 20-inch professional telescope in a natural site in the mountain of exceptional conditions. Specialized astronomical guide offers an explanatory talk of the southern sky contemplated by the naked eye and observation program of 7 celestial objects approximately per person, enjoying a Pisco cocktail around a campfire. The tour closes with a nighttime gift photography. The service includes a round trip transfer from Pisco Elqui and lasts approximately two hours.
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contact information
location: Paihuano, Pisco Elqui
adress: : O´Higgins s/n
(+569) 66673907  |  (51 2) 451917
Facebook: Turismo Migrantes
Website: www.turismomigrantes.com
Twitter: @turismomigrante
Instagram: turismomigrantes
TripAdvisor: Turismo Migrantes
business hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
language: spanish / english.