Pircas de Arboleda

Pircas la Arboleda is aimed to families and all those people who seek to enjoy contact with nature, rest and relaxation, as well as living an astroturistic experience. We are located in the town of Arboleda, Salamanca, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and clean skies. You can enjoy our spa services, massages, natural therapies and hot baths under the stars of the Coquimbo Region.
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contact information
location: Arboleda Grande, Salamanca, Coquimbo region, Chile
adress: Ruta D-827 km. 5,6 Hijuela 17 Arboleda 
(+569) 9579 6490
Facebook: @pircasdearboleda
website : www.pircasdearboleda.cl
Twitter: @pircasdearboled
Instagram: Pircas de Arboleda
business hours: 24 Hours
lenguage: spanish