Nómade Observatory

We invite you to recover the experience of observing the sky. A stellar travel from the worldview of ancestral cultures to the latest discoveries in scientific astronomy.
In your visit to Nómade, during 90 minutes, you will make a complete travel through the sky with the naked eye, recognizing constellations, deepening more attractive objects or celestial bodies through the use of telescopes.
Being an open space, you can see the subtle changes of the sky in each moment, as well as, you can see meteor showers and other events that coincide with the time of your visit.
An intimate and magical experience in which it will seem that you touch the stars.
contact information
location: Paihuano, Alcohuaz
adress: Alcohuaz, Paihuano. 

(+569) 65511867   |  (+569) 92545554
Facebook: @observatorionomadeelqui
website: www.nomadeelqui.cl

business hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
language: spanish / english / French