Nights Walks Photographed by Pablo Cortés

We are located in the town of Pisco Elqui, we offer to our visitors’ nights walks with astrophotography, so they can immortalize the experience of being under the cleanest skies in the world.
The astronomical tour consists, in first instance, in a walk to photography place in the Gredas de Pisco Elqui gully, a place that is characterized by no light pollution, which makes the tour a unique experience under the stars, pisco tastings, Andean music, among other surprises.
It is important to note that the photographs can be downloaded, at the same time, from their phones.
Contact information
location: Pisco Elqui, Paihuano
adress: Baquedano without number, Pisco Elqui
(+569) 59177763

Facebook: @pablocortesrivera

Instagram: pcortesriv
business hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
languages: spanish / english / French