Estrella Perdida del Elqui

We are located in the town of Peralillo in the district of Vicuña, we offer to the tourist the experience of observing the stars in a personalized environment, in the middle of an organic garden, educating about the immensity of the universe in a practical and entertaining way, highlighting the typical local identity of the Elqui Valley.
In Estrella Perdida del Elqui you will live a unique and unforgettable experience. A travel towards the beauty of astronomy with the help of our specialized guides, state-of-the-art telescopes and in a nature and tranquility environment. And who knows, maybe you will find your lost star.

contact information
location: Vicuña, Peralillo
adress: Domingo Faustino Sarmiento 96, Vicuña.

(+569) 89028691


Facebook: @estrellaperdidadelelqui

Instagram: Estrella Perdida del Elqui
business hours: every day from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm
language: spanish / english