Estelar Chile Tour Operator

Focused on tourism of special interests, it offers guided services to exciting places in the district of Combarbalá, through trekking circuits and astronomical and astrophotography tours. Among the places that you can visit are: Petroglifos Los Bullines Archaeological Site, Rincón Las Chilcas Archaeological Site, de la Piedra Virgin Sanctuary, Combarbalita Stone Mine, Cruz del Sur Astronomical Observatory and an interesting tour through the old center of Combarbalá.  


The office is in the downtown area of ​​Cobarbalá. Its guides are certified and have vast knowledge in astronomy, native cultures and the flora and fauna of the place.
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contact information
location: Combarbalá
adress: Pasaje Guaquelón N°61, Villa San José de la Dehesa.
(+569) 32798450 | (+569) 77208633

website: www.estelarchile.cl 
Instagram: @estellarchile2018
business hours: 24:00 hrs. 
language: spanish / english