On July 2, 2019, one of the most spectacular astronomical events on the planet will happen, so it is expected that hundreds of thousands of people will move to this area of ​​northern Chile, that is worldwide known for the clearness of its skies.
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Vicuña commune (Borde Rio) J.Miguel Carrera Sur

The city is located on the bed of the valley, excavated by the river for thousands of years. The reason of being of this district is the Elqui river, that is born in the locality of Rivadavia when converge the two affluent that give rise to it: the Claro river and the Turbio river, those that are formed in the distant mountain dweller abutments. The Elqui meanders through the valley along 240 kilometers to reach in the sea, in La Serena, during this process, the Elqui river is modeling life in a fragile semiarid environment. Vicuña is home to the Gabriela Mistral International Route that connects it with the city of San Juan, Argentina, through the Paso de Agua Negra. This will be the future bioceanic corridor, tunnel and site of the first neutrino laboratory in the hemisphere. Beautiful mountain landscapes are look around this route.

Vineyard Vicuña
Puclaro reservoir, Vicuña