Collowara Observatory

On the top of Churqui hill in Andacollo, there is the Collowara Observatory; offers basic astronomy tours for all audiences, with varieties of telescopes on terraces and in the central dome, with high resolution that allows observing planets and constellations, as well as having specialized guides and audiovisual rooms that show the sky in real time. The tour lasts approximately two hours; general admission is worth $ 6,000, while for children under 12 years old, seniors and people with different abilities worth $ 4,500. They have an elevator and they accept pets.
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contact information
location: Andacollo
adress: Av. El Churqui s/n
(+569) 7645 2970   | (+569) 71361388
Facebook: observatoriocollowara
Website: www.collowara.cl
Twitter: @collowara
Instagram: @observatoriocollowara
business hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.
language: spanish / english