Cielo Sur Observatory-

These facilities are part of a tourist complex located on 6 ha of land, it is located in the highest part of the Elqui Valley, in the town of Alcohuaz, Pisco Elqui. The domes houses telescopes that allow observation in the dark skies of the place and they are designed to harmonize with the environment and the architecture that characterizes the complex.
 In this way, passengers can enjoy the landscape and rest at the edge of the estuary that runs through the place, and you can enjoy the complementary activities associated with the observation of the stars. Visitors can take a tour that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, observing the firmament with naked eye and with the use of instruments, a tour that is offered in Spanish, French or English.
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contact information
location: Paihuano, Alcohuaz
(+569) 93965411 – (+569) 52545554 – (+56) 53390086  / makodidier@yahoo.esinfo@observatoriocielosur.cl  www.observatoriocielosur.cl