Cielo Sur Observatory

Observatorio Cielo Sur offers astronomical tours suitable for the whole family. The observation begins with an orientation to the naked eye through a laser pointer, observing the most prominent constellations and brightest stars, in addition to the south celestial pole that allows to better understand the apparent movement of the stars. The second part of the observation is through an 11 “telescope with 2” and 31 mm eyepieces, observing open, closed and nebulae clusters. Depending on the date it is possible to see Planets and the Moon. The duration of the tour is approximately 1:30 hours.
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contact information
location: Paihuano, Alcohuaz
adress: Localidad Alcohuaz s/n
(+569)  53390086
Facebook: Observatorio Cielo Sur
Website: www.observatoriocielosur.cl
TripAdvisor: Observatorio Cielo Sur
business hours: 9:30 pm a 11:00 pm. (summer) | 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. (winter) 
lenguage: spanish / english / French.