Chakana Observatory

The Chakana Observatory, located at 1,270 meters altitude in Pisco Elqui, offers Astro Tour, which includes lectures and observation in different telescopes, as well as an explanation of the objects observed during two hours, such as stars, star clusters, nebulae, etc. ; Astro Foto, which consists of a photograph of the deep sky coupling a camera to a telescope or a zoom, with tripod and motor tracking, remote control and intervalometer; Night photo, individual and / or group photos with starry background and Night Ride exclusively for adults, 2 hours walk under the starry sky, with stop in viewpoints.
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contact information
location: Paihuano, Pisco Elqui
adress: Calle Centenario s/n
(+569) 76618133  |  (+569) 76618133
Facebook: Observatorio Chakana
Instagram: Observatorio Chakana
business hours: 12:00 am to 7:00 pm 
Lenguage: spanish / english / French.