The history of this observatory goes back to 1969, when the Academy of Astronomy and Physics was created in the Seminario Conciliar School of La Serena, in charge of Fr. Juan Picetti. With the help of this religious and professor, the “Tololito” was built in 1977, located inside this La Serena school. A few years ago, the dream came true when in 2006 was the opening of the observatory in Mayu Hill sector, Quebrada de Talca, it is located to only 25 km from the regional capital.
The facility has a conference room for 45 people and a dome that houses a 14-inch telescope. In the environment, you can find a series of objects and scientific monuments, as well as a ceremonial tower, Sun door, water mirror and solar calendar, design that aims to be a tribute to our pre-Columbian cultures.
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location: Vicuña