Astro Elqui Experiencial –

We started with a brief talk of Andean cosmovision in an atmospheric set, stage play with fun ancestral stories accompanied by a delightful tasting of typical local flavors. We made entertaining astronomical observation with naked eye and an experiential bonfire in a waka, space covered with stones and very comfortable where stories are shared about the Diaguita culture, group dynamics of ancestral sounds, songs and conversation about the mysticism of the Elqui Valley, an experience that closes with the sounds of quartz bowls and Japanese flute. An unforgettable experience of mystical sounds, around a bonfire that is extinguished under the stars. To take a memory of this beautiful experience, we deliver astrophotography with the stars. In total, 3 hours of an unmissable encounter in the Elqui Valley.
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contact information
location: Vicuña, diaguitas
adress: Esperanza 31, Diaguitas, Vicuña.

(+569) 57781319


Facebook: @astroelqui

Instagram: Astro Elqui
business hours: Monday to Sunday, continuous hours shift
language: spanish / english