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Located in the town of Diaguita, Amatista Travels offers you astronomical observation tours and tours with Solar observation through the Elqui Valley.  Astronomical tour in Diaguita offers, in the first instance, observation with motorized telescope, to later see the sky with the naked eye lean on yoga rug with pillows and blankets, tour ends with sonotherapy and professional astrophotography. Tours to Vicuña and Paihuano highlight the nature and local culture, with visits to Gabriela Mistral museum, visits to pisco factory to learn about the elaboration of pisco and observation of the Sun through telescopes and certified viewers.
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contact information
location: Vicuña, Diaguitas
adress: Calle principal, #54 
(+569) 50533056   |  (+569) 61914612
Facebook: @amatistatravelsdiaguitas
Website: www.amatistatravels.net
Twitter: @AmatistaTravels
Instagram: @Amatista Travels
business hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
lenguage: spanish / english